Building our dwelling

Site updated on 19 Dec 2005

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In the beginning. The front door sill.

Attaching the corner post

Door sill from outside with post in place.

Second floor support.

And other end

Door in place.

A closeup.

From the outside.

First cans in the wall.

From the outside.

Me plastering the outside surface.

Nothing fancy. Just cans and cement.

Getting a bit tired.

Inside before plastering.

Outside after drying.

Raw materials.

Now in the wall.

Screws in the wood to give the cement something to hang on to as it doesn't adhear to wood too well.

A few more rows and about time to start with the wire.

A short recess while the power company puts the wires back up after the hurricane this morning blew a tree down onto them.

Me cutting the limb off that will become the bannister to the second floor. I thought Bill had cut it but looks like I was the one.

The next day and plastering more cans.

Bill mixing and me plastering.

Using the mortor board to wipe the mix onto the wall off of.

Another somewhat clearer shot.

couple of days later after it has dried some. Note the wire mesh on the right hand side of the top row. Put a 3 to 4 inch strip in every 4 or 5 rows to reinforce and tie into the doorframe.

Glass gin bottles as glass bricks over the door.

Modifying the mordor board.

Outside view of bottles.

Going up.

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